Spotlight On Sabi Linen

When two best friends, Stevie Jacobs and Emma Goody, caught up for a drink one day, they discovered that they had a mutual passion. Linen.


Let's take linen to a whole new level they said... imagine a product that is hand made, authentic and designed by us. Something that hasn't been mass produced, something that is different and polarises the over-saturated product that dominates the gift and homewares industry today.

Let's make it raw, slubby, unrefined and tactile, let's create our own colours that celebrate the earthy, nourishing and organic qualities of linen. We can enhance it with irregular hand stitching, artisan hand dying techniques and layered patches with contrasting textures.

Let's create a linen brand that is next level and like nothing else out there. 

With this vision, Emma set off to India to forage for linen, treasures and artisans to bring it to life. She worked with talented machinists, hand dyers and textile merchants, she created products to feature the hand work of this amazing team. Coverlets that fall to the floor, cushions featuring signature stitch details, recycled linen throws, woven raw silk textiles combining linen and jute.

From here, Sabi was born. A product and brand loaded with soul, created from authenticity, passion and the hearts of two best friends.